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Piano Workbook Series

The Complete Pianist is a method series useful for teachers and students wanting a complete system that will cover all major aspects of the piano. Paired along with the explanation videos, this series will supply an interested student with the necessary tools to successfully learn how to play the piano.

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The Beginner levels cover Ear Training involving identifying intervals, rhythms and melodies, Flashcard groups for mastering all notes on the grand staff, Theory concepts, Technique scales, arpeggios, chordal training and improvisation, interval training on the staff, rhythm work and composition.

Workbook Level 1

Level 1

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Workbook Level 2

Level 2

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Workbook Level 3

Level 3

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Workbook Level 4

Level 4

Workbook Level 5

Level 5

Workbook Level 6

Level 6



The Intermediate levels cover Ear training, Flaschard sections which review all the notes on the grand staff including ledger line notes, Theory levels which review some information from beginner levels and continue on with new concepts, The Technique levels review all major scales and teaches all the minor scales, developing further improvisation, chordal training, and composition.

Workbook Level A

Level A

Workbook Level B

Level B

Workbook Level C

Level C

Workbook Level D

Level D

Workbook Level E

Level E



The Advanced levels are currently under development, although the first two levels have been completed. This series further advances concepts in Theory, Ear Training, Terms, Tempos, Signs, Technique, Chordal playing and composition.

Workbook Level F

Level F

Workbook Level G

Level G