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Workbook: Workbook Level 2

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The Complete Pianist Level Two is 53 pages long and builds on all concepts taught in level one. By the end of book two, students will have learned to sight read all the notes on the grand staff! Level two gradually teaches all the steps and skips from each anchor note on the staff and contains 25 songs with a polish piece at the end to bring it all together. Level two covers further concepts in ear training, theory, sight reading, note names on the keyboard, finger numbers, rhythm training, interval training, technique training, and composition. At the end, you will find a "Level Two Review" which tests and reinforces everything taught in this book. The review can also be used to test a transfer student's current piano knowledge and abilities to assess what level to place

Workbook Section Videos

Theory Section

The Complete Pianist Beginner Workbook 2: Piano Theory. The video will introduce slurs, legato, tied notes, staccatos, sharps, flats and time signatures including common time.

Note Names And Finger Numbers Section

This video reviews the finger numbers and adds playing with two fingers at the same time in C, G and F position. The note names on the keyboard are reviewed using Grandpa's House and the Dog House. These notes are played and practiced with thumbs sharing F position, G position and C position.

Rhythm Section

This video will define basic note values using the Note Value Pyramid, including eighth notes. Two different methods of counting will be taught; the note-naming method and 1&2&3&4&. The important concept of counting with a steady beat is also introduced and incorporated in the counting examples.

Interval Section

This video will review steps and skips on the keyboard, but teach the proper naming of 2nds and 3rds. 2nds and 3rds will also be taught and reviewed on the staff. This video is an explanation of The Complete Pianist Workbook Level 2 - Interval Section.

Technique Section

The Complete Pianist Beginner Workbook 2: Piano Technique. This video describes the technique of piano rotation, arpeggios and 5 finger scales in D position, A position and E position. It also introduces transposition using Mary had a Little Lamb.

Flashcard Section

The Complete Pianist Beginner Workbook 2: Flashcard Section. This video will show you where the ACE notes are on the keyboard and sheet music. A game section is displayed which allows you to find the note on the keyboard after viewing a flashcard of the note.

Composition Section

This video is an explanation of the 5 steps to composing a song. The first step begins with creating a melodic theme to the final step which goes over adding the finishing touches, such as dynamics and articulation. Download free blank staff paper at http://www.thecompletepianist.com/public_material/staff_paper.pdf

Ear Training Section

The Complete Pianist Beginner Workbook 2: Ear Training. This video contains exercises focusing on repeating clapped rhythms, single note rhythms and one measure melodies on the keyboard. Finally, find the note will be introduced where the student must find a note simply by listening to the sound of it.

Improvisation Section

This video will review basic chords on the keyboard and teach a simple pattern. These will them be used in a chordal version of Mary had a Little Lamb. Patterns and chords will be used in an improvisational practice exercise.