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This series can be a great assist to achieving an overall piano education. Each level is written with teachers and students in mind. There are 6 beginner workbooks, 5 intermediate workbooks and 2 advanced workbooks, 3 more advanced level workbooks are under development. Each level covers topics such as Ear Training, Theory, Notes on the grand staff, Technique, Chordal playing, Composition, and Intervallic work from beginner to advanced.


The Complete Pianist is a method series useful for teachers and students wanting a complete system that will cover all major aspects of the piano. Paired along with the explanation videos, this series will supply an interested student with the necessary tools to successfully learn how to play the piano.


The anchor note flashcards are based off of Jon Schmidt’s note learning method. The anchor note system helps students learn to sight read the grand staff from the very beginning without needing to know the names of the notes on the grand staff. The ACE and GBDF groups will teach students the names of all the lines and spaces on the grand staff. This system makes sense and is consistent across the Treble and Bass clef. The ledger line group completes the note learning system by connecting the ledger line notes above and below the staff in association with the ACE and GBDF groups.


Here are useful resources for Teachers and Students, from practice technique and staff paper to tracking charts and weekly assignment sheets.