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Workbook: Workbook Level 3

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Workbook 3 contains the following sections: Ear Training and Review: Minor and Major 2nds, Repeat a played Rhythm, Repeat a played melody, Find the note within a 1 octave area. Flashcard Training and Review: GBDF group on the keyboard, GBDF group on the staff, Drawing the GBDF notes, speed test using the metranome and speed test using stop watch. Theory Training and Review: Half steps and whole steps, dotted quarter note, eighth rest, eighth notes, 2nds, 3rds and 4ths on the keyboard and staff Technique Training and Review: Odd Ball Group and Oreo Group, B position, F sharp position, B flat position, D flat position, A flat position, E flat position, 5 finger scale, I chord, rotation, one octave Arpeggio going up and down, Transposing Mary Had a Little Lamb Pattern and Chordal Play

Workbook Section Videos

Ear Training Section

This video will explain and test minor 2nd, major 2nd, minor 3rd and Major 3rd intervals by Ear. You will practice repeating Rhythms, melodies, and finding a note within an octave range by ear.

Flashcard Section

This video teaches the GBDF notes on the Grand Staff. It covers material taught in the Complete Pianist level three's flashcard section and includes flashcard self-testing.

Technique Section

The Piano chords and 5 finger scales for the keys of C, G, F, D, A, E, B, F#, Bb, Db, Ab and Eb are all taught in this video. This video teaches material that comes directly from the technique section of The Complete Pianist Workbook level 3. The arpeggio, cadence, song (Mary Had a Little Lamb), rotation and Pattern/Chordal song (Hey Diddle diddle) are also covered in under 5 1/2 minutes!