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Workbook: Workbook Level D

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  • Type : Workbook
  • Level : Intermediate
  • Date Added: September 10, 2010

Workbook D contains the following sections:

  • Theory; chord progression I IV V I, Dominant, Tonic, Dominant 7th chord and inversions, Major triad, minor triad, augmented triad, diminished triad, chord progression I vi ii V7 I with inversions. Terms, Tempos and Signs; Mouvement, Non, Opus, Rapidamente, Rubato, Sentimento, Vivace, Prestissimo, Martellato, Rinforzando, Forzando, Breath Mark, Pedal.
  • Technique; Key Signatures g minor, c minor, f minor, bb minor, eb minor, ab minor, minor scale fingerings, minor arpeggio fingerings, fingering for cadence, fingering for triads in root and inversions, two octave scales hands alone in natural, harmonic and melodic minor, cadence i iv i V7 i, triads root 1st and 2nd inversions, rotation on arpeggios, two octave arpeggios hands alone, transposing Ode to Joy in minor with i iv V7 harmony.
  • Ear Training; Identify Major and minor chords, Repeat 3 measure played melody on seperate piano, shown 1 measure of music and play, improvise in keys of F Bb Eb and Ab.

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