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Workbook: Workbook Level C

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  • Type : Workbook
  • Level : Intermediate
  • Date Added: September 10, 2010

Workbook C contains the following sections:

  • Theory; cut time or alla breve, syncopation, minor scales, natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor. Terms, tempos and Signs; Grandioso, Gusto, Molto, Pausa, Piu, Poco, Poco a poco, Andante, Andantino, double flat, double sharp, sforzando.
  • Technique; Keys of a minor, d minor, e minor, b minor, f# minor, c# minor, minor arpeggio fingerings, minor scale fingerings, two octave scales hands alone natural harmonic and melodic minor, cadence i iv V7, triads root 1st and 2nd inversions, rotation on the scale and arpeggio, two octave arpeggios hands alone, transposing Itsy Bitsy Spider in minor keys with i V7 harmony.
  • Ear Training; Identify melodic and harmonic 6ths,7ths and 8ths up and down, Repeat 2 measure played melody on seperate piano, can improvise a melody in E B F# and C# Major keys.

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