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  • The One Minute club is a a clubŁ that a student can join once they can play all the lines and spaces on the grand staff in under a minute. They get their picture and score put up on the wall ´üŐ in my studio. This is an idea I found from Susan Paradis. I will use the ACE and GBDF groups together which make up all the lines and spaces.
  • This section is also included in Beginner Workbook Four, Intermediate Workbook Level B and Advanced Workbook Level G. The Flashcards are found at the end of this document. You may print them onto card stock and cut them out, or laminate them.
  • Reviews ACE and GBDF on the Staff
  • Drawing and labeling ACE and GBDF on the staff
  • Speed test section using a stop watch.
  • Printable ACE and GBDF Flashcards

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