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Wedding Song


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Marilee began enjoying music at a young age. Her parent's were supportive and always there to encourage and inspire her. She sang in church, learned to play the piano, began teaching neighbor kids piano lessons at age 12 and became involved in acting, dancing and performing. She participated in the musicals; "Oklahoma", "The Music Man" (twice), and "Fiddler on the Roof." Then for her senior year of high school (2000-2001) she moved to St. George, UT to attend the Tuacahn Performing Arts High School. She was cast as Cinderella in "Cinderella". Afterwards she participated in their summer theater on the big stage amphitheater at Tuacahn in "Oklahoma". (2001)

Following that, she became a member of the Sunburst singers/Sun Valley Carolers at Utah State University. She also attended USU with a focus on Piano Pedagogy. The following summer and 2 more after that (summer 2003,2004, 2005) she performed and played the piano for the Pickleville Playhouse Theater in Bear Lake, performing slapstick melodrama in one show and accompanying on the piano for the other.

After marrying her best friend, Brad, she moved to Tucson, Arizona. She soon had a private piano studio running from her home and formed the Centerstage Singers youth performing group. The student recordings you will find on this website are from students she taught through the years. Most of the vocal recordings were done as example recordings for the Centerstage Singers to listen to, so they could learn their singing parts.

She ran/taught the those programs for 8 years, until she found out that two of her three children have life-threatening genetic disorders. She found that it was too difficult to care for her family and children and continue to run those programs. She has set them aside now to focus on her family. Although she doesn't teach one-on-one lesson anymore, she continues to develop her Complete Pianist method series which gives her great fulfillment and enjoyment.

Go to her family's website, to learn more information about the degenerative disorder they face every day.