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Complete Pianist Workbook Series

Workbook Series

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Free Sheet Music Downloads

Sheet Music

Free piano sheet music for beginner, intermediate and advanced ability levels. Original compositions, simplified popular, holiday, spiritual and classic pieces available.

Piano Recording Downloads


Listen and download amateur piano recordings. MP3 recordings of actual students performing songs.

The piano can open doors of opportunities for wonderful musical experiences. These public and personal experiences will teach you to serve, give, work, practice, polish, create and share. Music expands the mind, heart and spirit. Opportunities may come to listen and learn from directors, vocalists, choirs, congregations, and of course the composers of the music you play. The culmination of which will greatly enhance your life.

- Marilee Kay

At a young age, I loved to sing, dance, move ... listen. When the piano was introduced to me, I quickly learned how to sight read so I could play all the songs I wanted to sing. The piano became a way for me to express myself and give voice to my feelings. If I was angry, I'd go pound on the piano. When I was happy, I'd skip over to the piano. When I was sad, I'd pour over the piano. When I was in love, I turned to the piano. The piano has been my voice, my beauty and one of my closest and dearest friends.

-Marilee Kay

Marilee Music

Marilee Music

As the creator of The Complete Pianist system, music has always been a part of Marilee's life. From performing in musicals on the stage to accompanying for them, she grew up loving all kinds of musical performance. After attending college at Utah State University in piano pedagogy, she now does all she can to bring that love of music to the lives of others.

When she is not caring for one of her three lovely children, she is expanding and developing The Complete Pianist Method or leading the CenterStage Singers.

Marilee recently just released and original song she wrote to help raise awareness and funding for GM1 research